Axure File Sizing - Too Big for Axure Cloud


I am making an app so to get it onto my iPad i need to upload it to the cloud, but my file is currently at about 600mb and I still need to add sounds and I’m about 80% of finishing the app so its just going to get bigger!
What can I do? Can someone help please!

Thank you

Hi Olivia67!

There is a file size maximum of 400 MB for regular “.rp” files that are published to Axure Cloud. However, if you have access to Axure RP Team features, you could go to “Team > Create Team Project from Current File”. There’s no file size maximum for team projects, so you could publish the project as a team project to Axure Cloud, and then use the team project ID to view the project on your iPad. You can learn more about creating team project files and working with team projects on our website here and here.

If you need to streamline the regular “.rp” project file instead, a good first step is to review any images placed in your project and ensure that they have all been optimized. Unoptimized large or high resolution images can add a lot to a project’s file size, which can block the project from being published as an “.rp” file to Axure Cloud. Right-clicking on your project’s images and navigating to “Transform Image > Optimize Image” should allow you to optimize the images in the project.

I hope this helps!

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Ahh this is perfect! Thank you so much!

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