Axure for WPF / Telerik apps

Hi there!

I am working on a very large (existing) WPF (desktop) app that uses Telerik controls in the Fluent theme. We are still expanding that app with new screens, which I would like to prototype (high fidelity, including interactivity like opening new windows etc).

To do that, I would have to create the whole set of WPF controls and the Telerik ones as widgets.
Does this make sense? I am getting the feeling that Axure is better for creating smaller and new web or mobile apps then existing enterprise desktop apps.

I could not find a WPF or Telerik widget library, only thing that comes a bit close is this UWP one.

Any advise on this?

I’m not a Sketch user, but Microsoft provides a Sketch toolkit.

Would importing that get you started?

Thanks! Not a Sketch user myself, but I can import the Adobe XD variant. Still, that gives me images, not controls / widgets. I need to make them myself if I want any realistic behavior.

It might be my development background here, but this whole experience seems weird. Slow prototyping instead of rapid. Starting to think that for this use case, I am better of using Blend and the actual controls. That would allow me to make a realistic prototype much, much quicker than Axure.