Axure master class

Hi all

Having now used Axure for 15 years in many UX lead roles, and being an Axure trainer for 14 years, I’m thinking of running an Axure Master class webinar and want to gauge the interest…

I’d be sharing some of my tricks, tips, hacks and many secrets of I’ve learned about advanced Axure prototyping, including those I’ve learned from other Axure Masters and Sifus - Things like:

  • The use of event “handlers” for managing complex interactivity
  • Intelligent masters and bubbling up raised events
  • Advanced repeater patterns (like the global repeater)
  • Advanced graphics patterns (like the ability to draw polygons and scalable map zooming)

Things that I have not seen on any YouTube videos, Axure training videos or in Axure books, and which many Axure masters and Sifus would probably not share. For example - I’ll be explaining how I built the patterns demonstrated here -

It would be an all day session costing about $200US/person.

If you are interested please just reply to this post, and let me know anything you’d like to see covered. I’m also thinking of including a Q&A/Jam session.

For those of you who don’t know me you can find out a bit more by visiting -

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