Axure mobile prototype auto keypad

Is it possible to set up a keypad that matches the properties of the text field with the text field in focus when running the prototype on the mobile?

like this / page loaded focus textfiled and show each keypad

Right-click (Ctrl-click) on your Text Field widget and select Input Type then select Phone Number.


thanks for reply

Additional questions
situation : if user open the file in mobile, axure app

Can the keypad also be seen when the page is loaded? For now, you need to click on the widget to get a mobile keypad, and I hope the widget is selected for the first time, and the appropriate keypad comes out.

i know the focus interaction but i cant shown keypad when pageloaded

I don’t think there is a way to do this in Axure. In general, it is not good usability, accessibility, nor security to automatically show a digital keyboard on a web page, as it is typically shown only upon user interaction–a tap in the text field or tab-focus.

You could create your own keyboard widget (dynamic panel or group) and show that instead of the actual OS mobile keyboard. You could even use a screenshot with hotspots overlaid. To do this, use a Rectangle widget instead of Text Field widget.

You might be able to hack this with javascript injection–which wouldn’t be officially supported by Axure.

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