Axure ntdll.dll crash on windows 11

I’ve been using RP10 for almost a year now and i’ve never had this issue but recently i upgraded to windows 11 and my Axure keeps crashing. This especially happens when i am selecting a target for my interactions. I’ve done a dll scan and fix on my system and it’s all good. I’ve checked and i know it is a ntdll.dll crash. I’ve reinstalled RP10 numerous times but this fixes the issue for a while only and then its back. Also im the only one in my workspace that has this issue. My coworker upgraded to win11 too but this issue does not happen to them. Has anyone face this same issue if so what have you done to fix it?


I’m sorry to hear about the crashing! From what you’ve described so far the issue seems to be specific to something about your setup. As a first step, can you please try running the Axure RP application as an Administrator? If that helps with the error please let us know.

If the crashing persists even when running as an Administrator then please send along the following information to so that we can assist with diagnosing the cause of the issue:

  • What build of Axure RP 10 are you currently using? You can check this by going to “Help > About Axure RP
  • Is the crash reproducible in a brand new file or does it seem to be specific to existing files? If the issue is reproducible in a new file then please let us know what steps seem to trigger it. If a video is easier to capture the steps then that would be helpful.
  • If the issue is file-specific then please send along a copy of one such file in your attachment, if permitted. This will help us to investigate anything that may be triggering the crash.
  • Have any Windows event logs for Axure RP been generated? You can check for these in the Windows Event Viewer and save them so that they can be sent over to assist us with diagnosing the issue.
  • Please check Axure RP’s log folder to check for any logs that have the dates of the crashes that you experienced and attach those to the email. These will help report errors that happened specifically within RP during the crash if it managed to log them before shutting down. C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Axure\Axure-10-0\logs

We’ll keep an eye out for that email with those details in the event that the crashes persist!

Hi. Running it as administrator does fix the issue. Thanks.

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