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Since we already have the Axure plugin already in place in Adobe XD:, will there be a similar plugin in Figma as well?



Hello @apurvo ,

I hope you are having a wonderful day! We actually just recently released a Figma plugin, it allows you to copy frames from Figma to Axure RP 9 or publish frames directly to Axure Cloud.

If you are looking for more information a good place to start is our latest blogpost
If you want to just hop right in and check it out for yourself then here is where you can install it

All the best,
Raleigh Matern
Product Manager @ Axure


Strange request perhaps, but will you also create a function in Axure to publish Axure files to Figma element by element? i recently had a request from my client to recreate my Axure high-fidelity prototype in Figma as a design library. I think I’m going to have to do it element by element from scratch. Or is there a trick that might save me some time?




Thanks for the update @Raleigh.



Hello @mfromson I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I believe the Figma plugin is built to account for the scenario you described. If you open your Figma file and select the elements you want to copy into RP (you can select multiple or just copy one at at time). Next, initiate the “Copy Selection for RP” action in the plugin. At this point you should be able to paste the individual elements you selected (such as shapes/text/etc.) all into RP without ever selecting/copying the entire frame.

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Hi Raleigh, I think you may have mis-read. I want to go the other direction. I’ve created my design in Axure and I want to export the elements into Figma. Any guidance?




Hello Mark, you are spot on I did mis-read your ask, sorry about that. At this time the ability to bring things the other way from Axure into Figma doesn’t exist in a way that keeps the formatting perfect. I appreciate you writing in and and sharing your thoughts and feedback. I will keep this workflow in mind as we continue to develop out Axure Cloud and its plugins/integrations.

All the best,
Raleigh Matern
Product Manager (Axure Cloud)


@Raleigh Ok no worries, thanks for the clarification! Kudos to Axure for being so high fidelity that I can design in at just as I would in Figma :slight_smile: If the plugin works one way, shouldn’t be that hard to make it work the other, but I’ll leave that up to your dev team!




@Raleigh mfromson wrote to have had a request from a client to
recreate the already built Axure high-fidelity prototype
in Figma as a design library.

Axure -> Figma


I love this feature but the biggest issue is that it creates multiple dynamic panels from most of my designs that have to be fixed in Axure.

Any plans to investigate this issue?


+1 to scarpi21 comment!

Me and my whole team are facing the same issue.
Axure transforms figma elements with autolayout and even frames into nested dynamic panels and I loose all the designed attributes. Here’s a screenshot.

I was wondering if there’s any workaround for this?


I have the same issue,