Axure Plugins: Using JS to show a Dynamic Panel as a Lightbox

I’m working on a Voice Activated application concept and am trying to use voice responses to trigger interactions within my prototype. I’m using the very useful Annyang JS script to enable Speech Recognition as provided in this helpful thread. However, one snag I’ve run into is that, while I’ve been able show and/or hide a dynamic panel using commands like:
I can’t figure out how I might be able to show the panel as a lightbox.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Would it possible to fire an event action that’s applied to another widget via javascript? Something like:

If so, what would be the correct formatting for triggering such an event?

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I have found firing click events to be unreliable, even though it makes more semantic sense. Triggering a move is more reliable:

$axure(’@SpeechCommandLabel’).moveBy(0,0, {});

As a side note, I made a voice prototype (text to Speech and voice recognition) earlier this year using the native browser speech tools,) I’m no coder, but I managed to get something reasonable going…

Thanks for the feedback @shanemo. I’ll give the the the moveBy event a try.
I was able to fire the event with one of the simple methods found on one of the resources mentioned:

The widget has actions applied to it, including showing a window and treating it as a lightbox. It worked with my voice commands, with one caveat - I had to manually trigger the event once before it would subsequently respond to my voice commands - so now I have a new challenge to figure out.

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