Axure PR 8 for free?

Hi! I just want to find out the situation with Axure 8 - as I understand now it is possible to buy only the 9th version. In this case, why I can not use the Axure 8 for free? Or tell me please, when will I be able to do it? Sorry for this question - but I work in such company, where the chief doesn’t want to spend a lot of money…, so we use Axure 7. But I really would be happy, if Axure 8 is free, maybe somebody knows? Thank you)

Hi @Kate1,

If you own any license of Axure RP (including version 7), you can use Axure RP 8 free of charge. Once you download it, enter your existing license key under “Help > Manage License”.

In the future, if you wanted to use Axure RP 9, an upgrade will need to be purchased. More information on that can be found here.

Hope that helps!

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