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I’ve been encountering a problem over the last week where when I try to preview a prototype with the preview button, it loads forever and never actually finishes (or at least didn’t after at least an hour). The prototype opens fine when uploading to Axshare and I don’t have a problem loading other webservers unrelated to Axure on localhost.

No idea what to do next to figure out how to debug this issue, any ideas?
I’m on Windows 10 and this problem exists on Chrome and Firefox, IE ironically gets the furthest with loading in that the pages/notes/console panel loads but none of the pages will display when i click on them.

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I’m having the same problem. It was working just fine a few days ago, so I don’t quite understand what changed (no new updates on my computer, etc). The pages that I didn’t edit today show up correctly, but the most recently edited pages don’t load at all.
Tested on Firefox & Safari. Tried publishing first, then previewing. Also tried turning off the company VPN.
I’m able to publish the prototype to Axshare just fine.

How odd! It sounds like pages are still failing to render in preview even if they’re marked to generate in the HTML generator settings. Are you or your IT team aware of any recent changes made to any proxies or other security settings that might impact Axure RP’s ability to generate a preview on localhost at That would typically be the culprit for these types of scenarios and seems most likely considering this started suddenly when it worked fine previously.

Also to confirm, if you use “Publish > Generate HTML Files” to generate local HTML, does that still work? This will further help to verify that just preview is being affected.

I’m having the same problem. A week ago or so it was fine and now I am not able to preview any pages. Any hints here?

There have been no changes IT has made to proxies or security settings. And I have a colleague who sits next to me that is not experiencing this issue with Preview at all, he and I are both on the same network and both have identical versions of Axure running (

Generated HTML prototypes run locally off the hard drive work just fine for me.

Interesting! How very odd. To confirm, are all three of you on Axure RP 8 build 3382, and does the preview fail in all files and not just one specific file?

It looks like some of you are on Mac and some on Windows, and preview fails in each browser. Axure RP 8 build 3382 is stable and has been out for quite a while; to verify, did you all already have that build installed and working normally before the preview issue happened, or did you recently update to that build?

If there was no Axure RP update when the problem started and IT has verified that there were no proxy/security changes that would impact Axure RP’s ability to connect to localhost, then were there any OS or browser updates at around the same time that each of you started noticing the issue? Similarly, were there any automatic updates to browser extensions that you have installed in each of your browsers, or perhaps to any security tools/antivirus software on your machines?

Additionally, if you’re able to send over a screenshot of what you see in the browser developer console when the preview fails then we can check to see if there are any clear errors. You can grab that screenshot by right-clicking the browser page, choosing “Inspect” to open the developer tools window, and then clicking the “Console” tab in the window that opens and taking a screenshot (errors are usually in red).

To supplement the “Console” tab screenshot, please also save a copy of the HAR file and send it our way. To get that HAR file, click on the “Network” tab in the developer tools window and start capturing network traffic; in Chrome you would do this by enabling the “Preserve logs” checkbox. Once capturing has started, please refresh the preview page that failed to load, which should cause the “Network” tab to fill with data. In the left-hand column of the “Network” tab you should see “start.html” listed; please right-click that and choose “Save as HAR with content” to export the HAR file.

Please send both the screenshot and HAR file over to and reference this thread so that we can take a look and better diagnose what’s causing the preview issues for each of you. Thank you!

I have this too. I’ve just upgraded from Win8 to Win10 at my workplace, re-installed Axure rp8, and now I can’t preview pages nor load HTML prototype. Using Edge (previously IE).

Hi! If you’ve already verified that there are no proxy, firewall, or other security settings blocking Axure RP’s ability to generate a preview on the localhost at then please go ahead and send your HAR file over to so that we can take a look. Steps on how to generate a HAR file in IE and Edge are included here:

If you have any antivirus scanners running on your machine that may have been recently installed or updated then those would also be worth keeping an eye on. For one of the HAR files we received, it looks like one of the starter javascript files was being blocked from loading, so that would be worth verifying with your IT team as well. Thank you!

Thanks for your help Alyssa - I found a workaround: use IE instead of Edge, which is fine for me for now.

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