Axure Preview not loading


I’ve been encountering a problem over the last week where when I try to preview a prototype with the preview button, it loads forever and never actually finishes (or at least didn’t after at least an hour). The prototype opens fine when uploading to Axshare and I don’t have a problem loading other webservers unrelated to Axure on localhost.

No idea what to do next to figure out how to debug this issue, any ideas?
I’m on Windows 10 and this problem exists on Chrome and Firefox, IE ironically gets the furthest with loading in that the pages/notes/console panel loads but none of the pages will display when i click on them.


I’m having the same problem. It was working just fine a few days ago, so I don’t quite understand what changed (no new updates on my computer, etc). The pages that I didn’t edit today show up correctly, but the most recently edited pages don’t load at all.
Tested on Firefox & Safari. Tried publishing first, then previewing. Also tried turning off the company VPN.
I’m able to publish the prototype to Axshare just fine.


How odd! It sounds like pages are still failing to render in preview even if they’re marked to generate in the HTML generator settings. Are you or your IT team aware of any recent changes made to any proxies or other security settings that might impact Axure RP’s ability to generate a preview on localhost at That would typically be the culprit for these types of scenarios and seems most likely considering this started suddenly when it worked fine previously.

Also to confirm, if you use “Publish > Generate HTML Files” to generate local HTML, does that still work? This will further help to verify that just preview is being affected.