AXURE PUBLISH converts all SVG Icons to PNG

HI, team, my name is ART Tawanghar and I have been using AXURE for many many years.
So I do a mock and make sure that I use all SVG icons within my mock. But when I publish my dev is only able to download the icon asset as PNG and not SVG. So this is a very painful workflow for me, where I then have to spend some time to send my dev the actual SVG used during designing the mock.

I understand if you use PNG images you can not convert to SVG, but that I, not my issue here, I have used all 100% SVG images so why they are converted to PNG, and not kept as SVG, or is there some I am missing?

Please keep in mind that Invision and Sketch have both solved this problem, but I am not sure how to go about this when using Axure.

Truly appreciate your help and support on this

I’m able to publish SVG icons quite happily to Axure Cloud. However, I am working on a hosted cloud instance rather than the main system. Are you using an icon font? Or adding icons as widgets in a library? The latter work as SVGs for me, but I’d guess icon fonts are perhaps being converted to PNGs if the font file is unavailable? You can define a font face when uploading, if you’re using an icon font - see the ‘Fonts’ tab when you publish or update a file.

Thanks for your reply, I am not using Icons fonts they are not the issue, the issue is when Importing SVG files direct in axure

Hi tawanghar!

Just to confirm, it sounds like there are some SVG images in your project files that you want your developer to be able to download as SVG files without you sending the SVG images separately. Is this correct? One way you may be able to do this is to use Axure Cloud’s Inspect tool for published Axure RP 9 projects:

The “Assets” section should include any images that are placed on the page in their current format. Downloading images through this section should allow a user to access the SVG image files for your page. I hope that helps!


Are you using Axure RP8 or Axure RP9? In RP8, shapes and images are converted to (and thus download as) PNG. In RP9, they are SVG. So, if you are using RP9, images would download as type .svg --however, the original filenames will not come across.