AXURE Responsive Design HELP!

Hi there…I am in a pickle and need my Axure understanding in Responsive design assets (the artwork), over Mobile to Tablet to Web.

I start at the Base layer and all is cool - its one size for a Dynamic panel and all elements in that. It all falls apart on me when the next layer wtth those same elements, BUT you need to change photo size and elements (and when you crop the image in that layer and shift things - it goes and affects the Base layer art,…and I did not think it would do this. I am having to re-create all Dynamic panel artworks and program each again for each layer. And that is a real world of pain I am in here!

HELP - Is there a method that I am not catching and need to know to solve this headache?
Thanks in advance: Daz

Hi daryl_lee,

It sounds like editing the size of a widget in a non-Base view changes the size of the widget in the Base view as well, does that sound correct? If so, could you first make sure that the “Affect All Views” checkbox is not selected? This checkbox will apply any changes you make to a widget in any view to all views, and de-selecting it should prevent that.

If that doesn’t help, would you be able to post your .rp file here for me to test? Please also let me know the name of the specific widget(s) you are trying to edit that is not working as intended. Thanks!

Dear Jane
I have the checkbox turned off and yet the size thing still happens…could you just have a snoop and see what you think please? I am having to bring in new photos and size individually at present.

thanks heaps! DarylCOMMERCIAL VIDEO 3 (RESPONSIVE PITCH).rp (9.9 MB)

The photos might be the best place only (see video of the day pictures that ink to other pages)…thanks!

Hi daryl_lee,

Hmm, I’m unable to reproduce the issue. Could you point me to the specific images you’re mentioning that are exhibiting this behavior? On your Index page, for example, I see that resizing the main image (the soccer players) in the 1000px view changes the size for that view and the 768px view as expected, but not the Base view. When changing the size of the image in the 768px view, the image is only resized for that view, and not the others. Are you seeing something different? Would you be able to post a quick video recording the errant behavior? If you don’t yet have a screen-capturing tool, we here use the Jing application to take screenshots/screencasts.

The image change is fine between screens - the problem I suppose that affects all images is when I crop an image to fit the image frame on tablet/mobile. When I crop that image in a certain layer - it changes even the base image.

So maybe I need to bring in every image that needs cropping hen Jane?

thank you for looking at this for me: Daryl

Hi Daryl,

I see! Thanks for clarifying. This actually isn’t a bug, but the expected behavior, where cropping an image in one view will crop that image for the rest of the views. That is, the crop boundaries of an image cannot vary across adaptive views. I can see how this would be ideal, though, and I’ve filed this as a feature request with our respective teams on your behalf.

For now, you’ll want to do what you’ve already been doing, which is to bring in a new image for each view and unplace the others in the other AVs.

thank you for helping me Jane…making the various sizes from Web/Tablet and Mobile - the box dimensions need to adapt and this is what I have been facing. Hope they may look at this as it would save time and be practical too.

Have a great weekend coming!

Best wishes: Daryl