Axure RP 10 is crashing frequently

Axure RP 10 is crashing frequently

Version with build No -


Hi @subbu,

We apologize that you are encountering these crashes. As a first troubleshooting step, are you able to uninstall Axure RP 10 from your machine and reinstall using the download link below:

Windows Axure RP 10 Download

If the issue persists, can you please send us your latest “error_log” and “post_log” files from the path below:

Windows (open the File Explorer and paste the file path):

Are you also able to recall any specific details that happen in RP 10 that lead up to the crash? For example, are you working with a specific widget and does it happen in brand new files as well? If it occurs with only a specific project, please send us the .rp file for us to investigate. Feel free to send us your logs and this information at