Axure RP 8 Beta Channel Updates (Update/Release Notes, Release Candidate)

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Here are the first updates to Axure 8! These updates are already live, but we will use this channel in the future to post release candidates, so stay tuned for the first bug fixes, optimizations and most up to date version of Axure 8!

Axure RP

  • Optimized Adaptive View switching in Axure
  • Fixed missing notes on Axure Share
  • Fixed syncing Adaptive Views in team projects
  • Fixed error getting all changes on newly converted team project
  • Fixed saving recently edited notes on Preview
  • Fixed changes to nested Masters representing in Preview
  • Fixed subtracting a smaller shape from a larger shape
  • Fixed sizing a Placeholder down to 1 px
  • Fixed complex Custom Shapes causing Adaptive View issue in HTML
  • Fixed multiple errors generating complex Custom Shapes
  • Fixed legacy conversion issue of Connectors
  • Fixed Use Default button in Generate HTML after renaming file
  • Licensing/subscription/server fixes

Download at Update To Latest Version | Axure

Axure RP

  • Fixed some Dynamic Panel loading errors
  • Fixed heavy Dynamic Panel files increasing file size
  • Fixed error parsing SVG on older Macs
  • Fixed fill on shapes with corner radius and no bottom border
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Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Med-High

Lot’s of optimization and bug fixes here. Hopefully, we are close to 7.0 or (usually) faster in almost all comparable situations now. We still have a few more optimizations coming though!

Axure RP

  • Optimized Repeater heavy files

  • Optimized Group heavy files

  • Optimized Team Project updates

  • Optimized Grid and Background

  • Optimized Dots and Dashes

  • Optimized Adaptive View switching

  • Optimized selecting and adding Widgets

  • Optimized rich text rendering (minor)

  • Allow upgrading Team Projects from earlier versions

  • Smarter connector editing

  • Made object and page previews nicer

  • Scroll to Widgets in the editor when selecting in Outline

  • Showing many more OnPageLoad actions in the Specification

  • Better conversion of nested layers from legacy files

  • Unspecified Move To or Set Size values retain current value

  • Fixed error starting Axure when using proxy authentication

  • Fixed error in Team Project while in the background

  • Fixed autosave turning on in some situations when it shouldn’t

  • Fixed hidden Dynamic Panel states showing during load

  • Fixed many images increasing file size after import

  • Fixed showing context menu of Unplaced Widgets

  • Fixed a few footnote location and size problems

  • Fixed paste as plain text in notes

  • Fixed some rendering on convert and break away edits

  • Fixed HTML button rendering in Chrome

  • Fixed Hot Spots links in Group triggering Ix and IE background

  • Fixed moving Widgets under locked Widgets

  • Fixed alignment on legacy Tables

  • Fixed hitting enter on font and menu select lists

  • Fixed error on Ctrl-C on a Panel State in the Outline

  • Fixed clicking, renaming and selecting in Case Editor tree

  • Fixed issues from redoing creation of nested Master

  • Fixed multiple legacy loading and bad file issues

  • Custom Shape fixes (shadow, line, arrows, transforms, borders, adaptive, drop)

  • Connector fixes (moving, autosize, pen tool next, conversion errors)

  • Group fixes (selection, editing, set size, move, focus, footnotes)

  • Snapshot fixes (scroll to, raise event, set size)

  • Repeater fixes (hint text, scroll, opacity, panels, padding, borders)

  • Style fixes (page, deleted, create, update, padding, alignment, overrides)

  • Typeface fixes (duplicate values, Arial Narrow Bold, Helvetica Neue, Roboto, Open Sans, Avenir)

  • Team fixes (modified files, large project creation, check in many pages, notes)

  • Print fixes (small output, print preview icon)

  • Pinned fixes (boundaries, hide/show, 100%, scroll, set size, group)

  • Licensing fixes (fixed some keys reading wrong)

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Med-High

Axure RP

  • Optimized Sketchy
  • Optimized Connectors
  • Fixed error starting on macOS
  • Fixed cut, copy and paste from the toolbar
  • Fixed this.x/y on Masters
  • Fixed generating Specification with Adaptive Views
  • Fixed Pinned DPs rotated at non-center anchors
  • Fixed applying rich text conditionally breaking following Repeater items
  • Fixed selecting repeaters from the outline breaking applied rich text
  • Fixed rendering elliptical portion of Database Widget for no border
  • Fixed error copying Master between projects

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Med-High

Axure RP

  • Fixed error caused by duplicate font typefaces on Mac
  • Fixed generating pages containing missing masters
  • Fixed extra whitespace around masters with annotations in specification screenshots
  • Fixed Sketchy on form widgets
  • Fixed error changing arrow and border visibility on Widgets inside Groups
  • Fixed error drawing thick shapes with certain arrowheads
  • Allowed pages with corrupt dynamic panel states to load properly

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Low-Med

Axure RP

  • Fixed errors switching typefaces in Styles
  • Fixed error generating some open Custom Shapes
  • Fixed error resizing angle on Pie Shape
  • No longer rendering hidden Widget out Fit to Content Dynamic Panel
  • Fixed error loading some Dynamic Panel states

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Low

Axure RP

  • Fixed team project upload error

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Med-High

Axure RP

  • Optimized HTML page load

  • Optimized Groups in HTML

  • Optimized Repeaters in HTML

  • Optimized Adaptive Views in HTML

  • Optimized switching Dynamic Panel states in editor

  • Optimized Group heavy files in editor

  • Minor general optimization across editor

  • Preview Widgets while editing interactions in the Case Editor

  • Preserving image format when imported from drag on Mac

  • Selecting a Widget Style only reverts overridden properties

  • Cropping bounds defaults to image size

  • Fixed needing a restart after bad AxShare upload attempt

  • Fixed dragging Widgets behind locked Widgets

  • Fixed editing font family for a portion of text

  • Fixed editing arrows on sub AVs

  • Fixed copy/paste on locked Groups

  • Fixed guides disappearing on base view

  • Fixed legacy Table alignments

  • Fixed issues deleting Widget Styles

  • Fixed OnPageLoad in Word Specification

  • Fixed page preview after editing Panel State

  • Many more rendering, annoyances and error fixes

  • Fixed Password Text Field on Android

  • Fixed non default states on DPs showing during page load

  • Fixed gradual shifting of anchor points on move

  • Fixed resizing objects in Groups firing Group OnResize

  • Fixed Table resizing inside Group

  • Fixed triggering OnMove for slide animation

  • Fixed arrow heads on slide animation

  • Fixed certain lines with arrows blurry

  • Many more fixes to HTML, Interactions and Widgets

  • Repeater fixes (OnItemLoad, copy to AV, images, size, Master)

  • Custom Shape fixes (arrows, half circle, pie, shadows, small size)

  • Snapshot fixes (DP, Master, Repeater, Shapes, Bring to Front)

  • Team Project fixes (upgrading, creation, connection error)

  • Connector fixes (routing, moving, groups, end points, optimization)


Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Axure RP

Risk: Low-Med

  • Fixed errors generating Word Specification
  • Fixed issues hiding from view nested Group and DPs
  • Fixed push/pull still evaluating in hidden DP in Repeater
  • Fixed issue editing Connectors
  • Fixed offsets for arrow heads
  • Fixed multiple links opening in single new tab in IE
  • Fixed some legacy loading errors
  • Made folders more distinguishable in HTML sitemap
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Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Axure RP

Risk: Low

  • Fixed issue adding extension keys

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Axure RP

Risk: Low

  • Fixed error clicking Getting Started Tour from Welcome Screen

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: High

Here is another huge one. Tons of fixes and lots of optimization… and we are working on even more.

Axure RP

  • Optimized panel state and page switching

  • Optimized text editing and generating

  • Optimized js requests for generated HTML

  • Optimized Adaptive View switching

  • Optimized autosave for backups

  • Nicer save dialog for exporting images

  • Slice and crop image lines easier to see

  • Show file name for save/close on exit

  • Show caret in light color when typing on dark Widget

  • Fixed Widgets shifting by a pixel on move and resize at zoom

  • Fixed crop rectangle resizing at zoom

  • Fixed grid when zooming on Mac

  • Fixed editing page styles on AVs

  • Fixed location of checkout page button

  • Fixed sampling colors from external monitor at different DPI

  • Fixed some issues editing Repeater data sets

  • Fixed issue editing Ix on pages with deeply nested groups

  • Fixed error after pasting Show/Hide action in Case Editor

  • Fixed error pasting Raise Event action onto non Master Widget

  • Fixed error using hot key to enter Connector Pt mode on Group

  • Fixed error using Remove from Pages to remove Master in Group

  • Fixed dragging a Text Link directly

  • Fixed an issue accepting some license keys

  • Fixed retaining ASE server after switching licensed versions

  • Fixed saving spell check replacements

  • Fixed saving undo/redo of Ix edits

  • Fixed multiple legacy file loading issues

  • Fixed multiple minor UI and invalidation issues and errors

  • Fixed fuzzy dotted/dashed lines

  • Fixed some form elements for Sketch

  • Fixed scrollbars on iFrames

  • Fixed some Roboto Thin issues in the HTML

  • Fixed same image used on grayscale and regular page

  • Fixed Cursor.x for centered HTML pages

  • Fixed console issue from resizing center pinned DP

  • Fixed area is over for center pinned 100% DPs

  • Fixed multiple HTML generation errors

  • Repeater fixes (Fit, size, show/hide, push/pull, DP, Snapshot, Group, borders)

  • Snapshot fixes (Repeater, DP, Group, Master, AV, Ix, text, “this”, scroll to, fire)

  • Group fixes (hidden, Master, Ix, IE, OnFocus, AV, slide, flip, set size)

  • Connector fixes (flow diagram, sketch, spacing, Group, resize, end points)

  • Print fixes (background, shadows)

  • Spec fixes (footnotes, iFrames, OnPageLoad, OnLoad, Repeater, Masters)

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Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Low

Axure RP

  • Fixed freeze and error middle clicking some text boxes
  • Fixed some instances of not prompting to save changes
  • Fixed saving sub sub DP resetting zoom
  • Fixed issue with ‘Master -> Remove from Pages…’
  • Fixed printing shadows on pages with background
  • Fixed an error from loading bad state Connectors
  • Fixed repeater borders in some browsers
  • Fixed two Set Size actions in same Case causing errors
  • More autosave optimizations

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Low

Axure RP

  • Fixed issue importing Masters from 7.0
  • Fixed error switching selection mode while editing Connector text
  • Fixed error on small shape with missing border and corner radius
  • Fixed error loading Connectors in bad state
  • Fixed borders of Inline Frames with no scroll bars
  • Fixed setting panel state with OnFocus and OnLostFocus
  • Fixed OnMouseOut on a Dynamic Panel with animation

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Low

Axure RP

  • Fixed subtract and exclude transforms

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Low

Axure RP

  • Fixed printing pages with no text on Win 10

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Med-High

Another large update. Lots of optimization, especially for the Mac side.

Axure RP

  • Optimized editing, adding, moving Widgets

  • Optimized rendering and invalidation

  • Optimized selection

  • Optimized switching to Axure

  • Optimized large tables

  • Optimized generated HTML

  • Convert SVGs into Shapes

  • Previewing area selection

  • Made Mac scrolling smoother

  • Show Guide locations in Ruler

  • Fixed macOS 10.12 Touch Bar error waking from sleep

  • Fixed issues pasting from new Adobe Illustrator versions

  • Fixed text caret rendering in Feedback dialog

  • Fixed error dragging image with special characters in name

  • Fixed “Fit diagram to single sheet” print option on PC

  • Fixed printing with margins cutting elements

  • Fixed invalidation issues previewing/editing shadows

  • Fixed scrolling after renaming page or Master

  • Fixed error adding state to collapsed Dynamic Panel

  • Fixed error with missing Master from legacy files

  • Fixed pixel shifts from legacy files

  • Fixed Widgets not updating size after using “Replace All”

  • Fixed undo after switching Inspector tabs

  • Fixed extreme lag choosing color dropper on some Win setups

  • Fixed reverting styling when clicking in front of text

  • Fixed style overriding when hitting Enter to select new style

  • Fixed style when copying Widget from an Adaptive View

  • Fixed resizing issues on tables, menus and trees

  • Fixed not allowing adding variables in team

  • Fixed Repeater OnItemLoad when exporting to image

  • Fixed bad image paths on Repeaters with many images

  • Fixed more legacy, loading and generating errors

  • Fixed reusing logo image in pages of the file

  • Fixed scroll to Widget in DP shown with animation

  • Fixed OnFocus firing multiple times when moving Widget in Group

  • Fixed double spacing when using .replace

  • Fixed text with multiple alignments on paragraphs

  • Fixed Repeater border/padding on size changes (FF/IE)

  • Fixed OnMouseEnter moving Widget in Group firing multiple times (Edge)

  • Many more generated HTML fixes

  • Custom Shape fixes (errors, editing, rendering, break apart, bracket, shadow, rotation)

  • Connector fixes (naming, editing, arrows, editing, hidden, editing points)

  • Group fixes (Ix, slide, resize, empty, delete, undo, paste styling)

  • Dynamic Panel fixes (repeater, master, pinned, is over area, order, background)

  • Repeater fixes (rendering, editing, radio, group, push/pull, Ix, variables, OnItemLoad)

  • Snapshot fixes (Repeater, DPs, Masters, fire event, hide, AV)

  • Ix fixes (animation, conditions, fire event, this.text, Group)

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Med

Axure RP

  • Fixed errors converting some SVGs into Shapes
  • Fixed rendering for 1 Width rectangles
  • Fixed arrow rendering with Sketch Effects on
  • Fixed lines with arrows losing rotation in Adaptive
  • Fixed preserve corners hot zones disappearing at rotation
  • Fixed some Mac graphics errors
  • Fixed error closing Mac in full-screen mode
  • Fixed an occasional crash waking on PC with multiple instances open
  • Fixed toggling if/else conditions
  • Fixed maintaining z-order edit after switching pages
  • Fixed z-order after break apart Shape

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Low-Med

Axure RP

  • Fixed some legacy text Widgets no longer accepting fill and style props
  • Fixed issue with ‘~’ in email address for logins
  • Fixed a crash on specific Windows machines using dropper to select text color

Download at Release Candidate | Axure

Risk: Low

Axure RP

  • Fixed occasional error waking Mac with multi-monitor from sleep