Axure RP 8 concatenate

I want to send a number of selected variables in Axure RP 8 to another page so that they appear as a line of text separated by commas. Can anyone help with the concatenate?


The easy way to do this is as follows:

Set text of (widget) to [[var1]], [[var2]], [[var3]]

Basically, when things are in double-brackets like the variables are, their values are evaluated by Axure and then shown. Anything outside of the variables (like the commas and spaces) will be shown literally.

For instance, if var1 is “Cat” and var2 is “Dog” and var3 is “Bird”, the following…

Set text of (widget) to [[var1]], [[var2]], [[var3]], [[1 + 1]]

…would give you this:

Dog, Cat, Bird, 2

Attached is an example: concatenate_global_vars.rp (49.7 KB)

Thank you. I need the choice of selecting one or all of 4 variable, do I need to add a condition. Only that one or those selected will appear.