Axure RP 8 Library Preview Images Not Updating


We are using Axure RP 8 and have created numerous libraries of elements used in our designs. The initial set of libraries were built from scratch in specific brand colors. We are now updating the brand colors so we have gone into the libraries to update all the widgets in the new colors. We have 75 different libraries with hundreds of elements. All the elements in the libraries are in the new colors when dragged onto the page but the previews are still showing the old colors. The only way to update the preview image is to change the library element, like move it 10 pixels and then move it back.

Is there any way to force the previews to update to the new widget colors? We do not want to move and resave thousands of elements. Updating to Axure RP 9 is not an option because the interface changes will make our design process more difficult. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi Jonathan!

Hmm, if you haven’t done so already, you can try refreshing the library within the Libraries pane to see if the colors refresh on their own:


If all else fails, you could try clearing your libraries cache. This will make it so that the next time Axure RP 8 is relaunched, it reloads all of your added libraries, and it should help ensure that the most recent thumbnails for the widgets are displayed. The library cache location varies between operating systems, but you should be able to find them at one of the two following paths:

On Windows:

“AppData” is a hidden folder, so you can copy and paste the path into your File Explorer field or make sure that your File Explorer settings are set to show hidden folders when navigating to this path.

On Mac:
~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-8-0/cache3

You can access the Library folder and this path by opening your Finder application and selecting “Go > Go to Folder”, and then pasting this path into the given field.

From there, you can delete the cached files from this folder, and then relaunch the application to check the libraries’ behaviors.

I hope that helps!


I’m having this same issue, but in RP 9. It’s a cloud library that was updated. The library preview is wrong, but when I drag a library element into a page, it looks fine.

Removing the library, quitting Axure, deleting the cache files and re-launching Axure does not solve the issue.