Axure RP 9 -> Figma or Adobe XD Plugin


Figma and Adobe XD has been gaining tremendous popularity since they have been launched to the market and Photoshop as well as the Illustrator are no more the bread butter tools for the UX Fraternity.

It would have really been awesome if I could have imported the Figma or Adobe XD file into Axure and work on the micro-interactions rather than creating the whole UI again.

Can we see some kind of a plugin, which can help us achieve the same or is there some other workaround to this?


Hi Apurvo,

Good news on that front, we do have plans for plugins for both Adobe XD and Figma. The former should be available sooner than the latter, but these are in the works and should work similarly to the Sketch plugin. We don’t yet have timelines for the release of either available but you can stay up to date with news by following the newsletters and blogs. If you have feedback on those after trying them out please send them to so that the product team receives them. Thanks!