Axure RP 9 not working on Mac OS Catalina

Recently updated to Mac OS Catalina. Axure RP 9 and 8 do not work anymore. Any idea when Axure will release update to Catalina?

Is there any workaround to start Axure RP 8 and 9 on Catalina?

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Hi! The latest builds of Axure RP 8 and 9 are compatible with macOS 10.15. However, 10.15 also has new security prompts for apps that are not from the App store; we’re looking into that on our end, but in the meantime you should be able to launch Axure RP if you go to “System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General” and click on “Open Anyway” next to where it tells you Axure RP failed to launch. That should do it, but let us know if you still run into trouble! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Alyssa_Axure for your support, appreciate it. Axure RP 9 is now working but RP 8 does not load. Glad that atleast RP 9 is working.

What about optipng? Go64 says this component used in Axure 9 is not 64bit compatible.

When I contacted support, they sent me a response as if it should work normally.
I wasted a lot of time with support & got nothing at the end!
( Case 3701875)
Let’s wait & see

There is no “Open Anyway”!!

Even I didn’t see “Open Anyway”.

What made Axure RP 9 work is opening the file through Finder. Open Finder, go to Applications and locate Axure RP 9 icon. Press Control key, select Axure RP 9 icon and then choose Open. This shall work.

Hi all, sorry for the delay! We’ve just released a notarized build of Axure RP 9 that should allow launching on Axure RP 9 even with the security prompts. Details are noted in the thread below:

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