Axure rp 9 slide up/slide down animations not displaying?

i’m using axure rp on a mac, and i’ve noticed that i am very rarely actually able to see the animations when i specify them. this seems to only have been introduced when upgrading to rp9, i didnt have this issue with rp8. this specifically seems to be when using a file that was created in rp8 first, but it may just be the amount of elements contained in the dynamic panel (i need to test further to see if i can figure that out, but if i create a new file and the element is simple it seems to be animating correctly). what is going on?

i cant help feeling like some improvements were made in the rp9 release, but many more things were lost. shouldnt upgrades be improvements?
ex 1: i used to be able to specify which prototype URL i might want to overwrite - now i can only update the existing url or push to a new url, i cant go back to update a previous url i was using.
ex 2: when changing colors of an element previously, immediately upon clicking the color picker i was able to type the new color - now i have to manually click into the text entry field before i can type the hex (adding a click each time)

i could go on.


It’s taken me a while to get used to the changes in Axure 9. (I held off upgrading for quite a while.) A lot of functionality became more difficult to find in Axure 9, often due to a button being practically invisible. The ability to choose a previous Axshare project to overwrite falls into that category.

The light gray button on the white background below the Project Name field allows for overwriting an existing project – or, rather, it brings up a window that has a link at the bottom that then allows overwriting existing projects.

My biggest hurdle with 9 was its new “modeless” way of coding, which feels much slower and whose “common interactions” buttons have never been useful to me. Fortunately, I discovered this button (image) at the bottom of the interactions panel, which brings up a window that allows me to create interactions as quickly as I did in Axure 8.

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thank you, yes i was aware of how to get into the older form of coding (you can also double click the action blocks in the interactions panel to get into the same mode). thank you for pointing out how to replace an existing project, that is a helpful feature and i was surprised to see it seemed to have been taken away.

have you noticed the animations not playing on your end? that has really been an issue for me. i’m finding i can even copy the elements out into a new file and the animations play fine - i just cant recreate the whole prototype from scratch at this point.

I would like to mention I’m having the same issue.
But I have noticed, that if I render a preview, the animations show just fine.
Nevertheless, if I look at the rendered version on axshare they don’t show.
I’m currently using them for a mobile view for my project (dropdown menus simulation).

*I can’t share this project since it’s currently tied with an NDA.

Any ideas as to when this will be fixed?