Axure RP 9 Team Edition displaying only Blank white screen and nothing is visible

When i open it, seeing only blank white screen and nothing is visible other than tool bar. Is this because of trail version? Even i uninstalled and reinstalled but still it is not working. can some one help me on this?

Hi! Axure RP shouldn’t be showing a blank screen regardless of whether you’re in the trial or not. From the looks of it you’re on a Windows machine. To confirm, have all pending Windows updates been installed, and have all drivers on your machine (especially graphics/video drivers) been updated? If so, then do you happen to have Duet Display installed and running on your machine? In the past we received a few reports from Windows users who had this installed that it caused Axure RP’s windows to render blank when it was running; if you have it (or similar apps) installed then disabling it or uninstalling should help! If you don’t have it and the issue persists after updating everything, then please reach out to with as much information as you can about your system and your hardware setup (e.g. external monitors, type, resolution) so that we can assist. Thank you!

My axure 9 also has this problem in vmware.
If it is installed in vmware, turn off the monitor 3D settings.

Hi workdeng!

This behavior when 3D acceleration is enabled is a known issue that our teams have on file. Toggling this setting off should allow Axure RP 9 to display as expected. I’ve also added a note to our filed report regarding your experience with this issue. Thank you!

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