Axure RP API connection to database


In the below link you have mentioned about “Pass data from Axure RP files into other applications or into a database” using Axure RP API.

API | Axure

Please note my queries below.

  1. Is it possible to connect Axure Frontend(HTML pages/Forms) to Database backend? If it is possible please provide the sample examples or documents or code or project.

  2. is it possible to load data from database to Axure frontend, any libraries can support database connector and data grid in near future.

  3. Is it possible to provide in default library support for css and javascript.


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Also curious…

Thanks for any commentary on this

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Best I found was plugging Google sheets to work with Axure (Connector for Axure - Usability Matters). Has anyone worked on an API to connect an actual DB?

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I am also interested in whether you can take data collected from an end user’s interaction with a prototype and pass it to Google Sheets.

I’d like to embed a survey with my prototype.

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This would be great! For example, to be able to collect a SUS after a usability test. Or even to capture the text they entered into fields and their selections as part of design research.

I’ve come across the Connector but haven’t had a moment to give it a whirl.

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You can make GET requests with Axure (Open Link) action using variables to populate query parameters. Using this you can send data to any service you have that accepts GET requests. Not exactly semantic but it could work. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem any way to make a POST request without adding some JavaScript to your prototype.

Actually, if the Axure team added the ability to make arbitrary POST requests (with headers) that could be a good “one size fits all” solution that lets people create their own solutions to this problem instead of Axure having to handle it.

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Has anyone requested for this to be included in Axure 9?

ie to

  1. connect Axure Frontend(HTML pages/Forms) to Database backend, and

  2. to load data from database (or Google sheets, or a flat file) to Axure frontend,


Sadly this isn´t in Axure 10, either.
Instead they just added tiny tweaks and gave it a new major version. Seems this is legitimated by the absent ‘buy’ option.

Why not add some data storage features, so we can build our own apps - just to be useful for me alone. Like a tool to manage my customers/users panel.
Maybe its useful for other people too, like one of you.

You can call that ‘minimal viable product’ - the ability to check out, in the real world, if people start using it, find it helpful, give you feedback.

NOW you got a real validation of your idea!

Without having to spend 20.000 bucks for coding someting, that does not work as well as expected - and you can´t even change it, without spending 5.000 more.

Later, Axure may evolve in a RAD tool (generating ‘real’-ish software), or whatever that´s called nowadays.