Axure RP connect to database


Like some other people in the last years, I strongly request the feature to connect to a relational database.

My last prototype simulated three complex navigation structures. Every entry had a lot of context to be displayed on the target page.

Think about something similar to a travel website, where the repeaters on the target page are populated by the country, type of travel, season, exclusivity, or budget that you chose.

I created several veeeery large repeaters as navigation to get this going, but it was awful. Every repeater line contained lots and lots of data that got copied to global variables. These got read and populated the several content repeaters in the target site.

This was made worse because it needed to be done for three navigation structures - and every change and extension needed to be done 3 times, resulting in quite some errors, … while the test sessions keep running.
Also, it had several limitations, that prevented the (sub-) navigation to be simulated completely.

The same task would be nearly trivial if a database could be accessed: SELECT * FROM Targets WHERE Country=‘Mexico’;

I use Axure since 2008 and had several occasions, where it would have been great or essential to access a database with actual production data to provide a valid simulation of a new software / product / feature. I really wonder, that this request does not come up more often.


I’ve exactly the same need to keep using Axure.