Axure RP connect to database


Like some other people in the last years, I strongly request the feature to connect to a relational database.

My last prototype simulated three complex navigation structures. Every entry had a lot of context to be displayed on the target page.

Think about something similar to a travel website, where the repeaters on the target page are populated by the country, type of travel, season, exclusivity, or budget that you chose.

I created several veeeery large repeaters as navigation to get this going, but it was awful. Every repeater line contained lots and lots of data that got copied to global variables. These got read and populated the several content repeaters in the target site.

This was made worse because it needed to be done for three navigation structures - and every change and extension needed to be done 3 times, resulting in quite some errors, … while the test sessions keep running.
Also, it had several limitations, that prevented the (sub-) navigation to be simulated completely.

The same task would be nearly trivial if a database could be accessed: SELECT * FROM Targets WHERE Country=‘Mexico’;

I use Axure since 2008 and had several occasions, where it would have been great or essential to access a database with actual production data to provide a valid simulation of a new software / product / feature. I really wonder, that this request does not come up more often.


I’ve exactly the same need to keep using Axure.


I third this. The ability to connect to a database is in my opinion the biggest missing piece of practical functionality, imho. Like the OP, I’ve been stuck in many projects making complex repeaters that in the end something wouldn’t work or the prototype overwhelmed my system resources.


I cube this.

All I want to do is connect to a .csv or .xls file. I’m working with an application that has a lot of data and want to to tie to an external file as it currently downloads. Perhaps somebody has already figured this out in a demo?



FYI, Axure support folks only sometimes monitor this forum, and the Forum Guidelines ask that bugs and feature requests be sent directly to

That said, I personally think it is worthwhile posting these things to see if others have same needs, maybe get a workaround approach from other users, etc. But, if you’d like Axure to consider this feature, your best bet is to send an email (or use Help > Contact Support from RP.) If lots of people request this feature it should have more impact on their consideration of this feature.

I know from years of using this forum that this has been a feature request since the dawn of Axure. I’ve requested it before. For some, this particular feature starts to move away from “just a prototype” to “real software” --but I still have a great need for it in my prototypes.


Thank you, for your suggestion.

I think we should keep this thread running, so that we can collect how big the need for this feature actually is.

So please add your reply in this thread, if you need some kind of database connection, too.


Yep, I want this too. It could either be an actual database, or a Google sheet, or even some sort of proprietary Axure thing that functions as a db, i.e. fast backend queries on demand instead of using up client system resources.


Hi there. Yep, that’s my headache too. Would be so useful to have something like database.


I, and many others, have been requesting Axure to do this for many years. They are fully aware of this request but refuse to implement it, with not explanation given other than it is not on their roadmap.

It would be brilliant if they would implement it.


I just saw this post in the forums:

I’d like to embed a survey with my prototype.

Wow! What a great idea!
Using Axure to build the ‘perfect’ survey forms - or integrate a vote or feedback option right inside the prototype, next to the features - that would be an absolute dream of a dream!!

Did nobody of axure see the opportunities with this??


Adding another bump to this - would be super super useful, Axure Boutique made this attempt to transport via variables but it doesn’t really scale.

Seems there are only a couple of key features (e.g. repeaters, input fields, native web elements) that are keeping Axure ahead of Figma even in the narrow prototyping space - think we really need a “jump” like this to keep from being overtaken entirely?!