Axure RP Generated HTML Files and Folder

What does the following .html files actually do

  • my_project.html
  • index.html
  • start.html
  • start_c_1.html
  • start_g_0.html

The Generated project folder contains the following files and other folders

I just wonder why too many html files.

The index.html I guess its needed, but the others below what do they actually do? Because I actually deleted these files and the projects still runs, with no errors.

  • my_project.html (This is the page created in Axure)
  • index.html (This makes sense)
  • start.html (What does this one do)
  • start_c_1.html (What does this one do)
  • start_g_0.html (What does this one do)

But they cannot be removed when the HTML files are being generated. I am experimenting on something on Mobile App development and I just wonder why this files

This is now Solved. :joy: