Axure RP9 unusable on iMac


I’m currently on a freshly re-imaged iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) 3.2 GHZ/32 GB RAM on Mojave 10.1.5. I’m getting so much lag with this version of the application that i’m constantly having to start in Sketch then import in order to start building interactions but as the file objects increase the application becomes unusable. In some cases its 1 fps to drag a box then leave the mouse so it will place the object where i want it, otherwise if i move the mouse the object will follow until the computer gets done with the action. Axure RP 9 right now is using 2GB of memory running at 2560x1440.

I’ve switched color modes to no avail. Even lowered the screen resolution which in some cases improves performance marginally and reduces the amount of system memory used but the lag is evident and gets worse the more complex the file becomes. Restarting and zapping PRAM doesn’t fix anything.

I put in a request to buy RP 9 and am standing in the furnace right now trying to get high fidelity prototypes done for huge portal overhauls and this is impacting workflow on a monumental level.

Is there something I’m missing? Please help, thanks.


Did you update your macOS version to 10.15 recently? The 10.15 version just came out recently as a developer beta build, and as of yet is not stable; this being the case Axure RP is not yet expected to run smoothly on it until we’ve had more time to test, identify, and resolve issues. We would advise not updating the OS to any beta builds early on or until they have stabilized to help avoid running into show-stopping issues that arise from unexpected bugs.

We’ll be investigating more on our end, but for now the latest macOS version we’d advise using would be one of the 10.14 builds to ensure that Axure RP is stable. Thank you!

Hi Alyssa,

Nope I’m running Mojave 10.14.5 (never do beta builds). Apologies for the inaccuracy - in my original post I accidentally (and ironically lol) left out the “4” in the system version.

Here’s the strange thing though -
Work computer (Problem machine) - iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) Core i5 processor 3.2 GHZ/32 GB RAM @ 2560x1440 default resolution - RP9 almost unusable

Work laptop - Macbook Pro (Retina 13-inch, early 2015) Core i5 processor 2.7 GHZ/8 GB RAM @ 1680x1050 - RP9 runs fine with no noticeable lag.

My personal laptop - Macbook Pro (Retina, 15-inch mid 2012) i7 processor 2.7 GHZ/16 GB RAM @ 3440x1440 (LG ultrawide display) - RP9 runs fine with no noticeable lag.

Don’t know if that helps. I’ve found quite a few complaints about this particular iMac i’m using so maybe the issue is in the hardware?


P.S. UPDATE - So for some reason after resaving the file the iMac started to handle the file ok. Still some lag but I was able to work for a bit. But as it got more complicated it started to lag again until I started seeing the rainbow wheel when I tried to zoom. it didn’t take long for Axure to start lagging on the other 2 machines I listed as well. Once the file starts getting complicated it starts to choke. I’ve now tested it on a mid 2015 Core i7 15 inch Macbook Pro @ 1920x1200 and its starting to lag as I build more pages and interactivity into a small application design. At this rate I won’t be able to finish this project. :expressionless:

PSS Update - Correction I forgot I had started working in AXURE RP8 on the iMac because RP9 is unusable. I’m getting lag with RP8 now and am seeing the spinning wheel when I zoom in. Does Axure just hate Mac architecture or something? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

Aha, thanks for the clarification on your OS! The details comparing your machines help as well. To confirm, are you currently running the latest build of Axure RP 9 (build 3653)? I ask because we had noticed some reports of high resolution displays causing performance issues with the canvas previously, and that build includes the fix for the issues that have been addressed thus far. If you’re already on that build and still see the slowness then can you confirm whether it’s just the canvas area that seems to be slow, and whether it seems slow even in a brand new content-less file? From your test it sounds like lowering the screen resolution helped a bit; if you can, please compare the performance of a new file where you move a single box widget around on the canvas between your preferred resolution and the lowest resolution that your iMac will allow. This should help to verify whether there’s room for more optimization in that area and whether that’s the source of the problem you’re running into.

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