Axure Shapes Discussion


There is a requirement where I want to show three circles, which are intersecting with each other and need to show a common intersection point.

Something like this:

Is this possible?


Hi apurvo,
I did shapes in illustrator with one of this tools:


And add interactivity in Axure 2 circles.rp (88.7 KB)

Thanks Natalie :slight_smile: .

I am aware that this is possible in illustrator, but I guess in Axure we can’t create this using Shapes.

Thanks for your prompt reply, appreciate.

Depends if you want 100% control over the colors.
If you don’t, then you can do this:

It’s simply a case of setting colors with a bit of transparency.

You can create the shape in Axure by right-clicking multiple selected shapes and selecting “transform shape.” I uploaded an example to the linked thread:


Thanks, appreciate your quick revert.


Ah OK - I was assuming you wanted the intersection calculated “live”