Axure Share - Format Picker - Output in iOS 12 differs from iOS 11


Hi everyone

My friend and I are trying to prototype a datepicker in German. Though we selected a German date scroll (Spinning Wheel) (so f.e. 15. Mai 2018) the output always remains in English (15 May 2018) as well as the confirm button within the date scroller remains ‘Clear’ and ‘Done’.

Is that a bug or can I change that?

Thanks for your support!
Regards, Karin_Switzerland


Hi Karin_Switzerland!

Hmm, it sounds like you have set up a dynamic date picker to show dates in German, but the output is showing English month names, as well as English names for confirmation button. Is this correct? Could you please send along the RP file where you have this date picker set up for further review of these issues?

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