Axure Share Mobile App - How to give the link to users so they can test it on mobile

Hi guys,

I have currently an issue about testing on mobile with a lot of users.

I would like to give them a link or a token so they could test it on their smartphone. I do it already for desktop prototypes and it works great: people can see the wireframe and use it.

But for mobile prototypes it seems a bit more complicated. I could give them the link but they would have the address bar and the footer of the browser they choose to use:

And I didn’t find any feature on Axure Share App to open a link which is not on the Axure share workspace.

Is someone aware of an Axure Share app’s feature that could resolve my issue? Is there an efficient workaround so my users could use my prototype in fullscreen on their mobile devices?

Thanks a lot,

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Assuming this is for an app rather than a mobile website?

The way that I did this a while ago was to export the prototype as html and run it through Phonegap to create an actual app that can be installed. You have to delete one of the files - start.html??? That stops it trying to load it into the frame with the Axure tool bar.

This worked a treat. I did some quite serious user testing using this method on an app for mobile and a different app for iPads.

It’s an absolute breeze on Android. A bit trickier on iOS.

Thank you @ajacobsuk :wink:,

I did find two ways a bit easier to do it:

  1. The more complicated: invite User to your workspace, make them create an axshare account and download the axure share app.
    They may be able to see the proto in this workspace (not tested yet but read in “Mobile app” section of Axure Support)

  2. The easier: get the link without sidebar and tap it on the browser of your smartphone, then add the page to your homescreen (
    When you use then the shortcut on the homescreen it display the prototype without the navigation interface of the browser :grin::smile_cat::grin:

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