Axure Share troubleshoot login

I downloaded the trial version of AXURE RP. I have also created an account on axure share but i can’t log in to my account on RP when publishing to Axure Share due to internet connection issue. My internet connection is good and I tried following all the steps mentioned regarding this issue like restarting the app, checking firewall settings…etc. but it’s still not working. 3

Hi! It sounds like you tried most of the steps in the troubleshooting guide. To confirm, are you able to log in and publish via the Axure Share website in your browser at This will both help to verify whether Axure Share is blocked, as well as provide you with a workaround for publishing.

If you can’t publish via Axure Share then you’ll want to unblock in your security settings. If you can publish via the browser and just Axure RP won’t connect, then you’ll want to make sure that Axure RP’s internet access is not being blocked by a proxy or firewall, and that your proxy and firewall settings allow access to the following domains:***

If you still get errors, then please send your Axure RP error logs over to with a link to this thread so that we can take a look and assist. The locations of the “logs” folder is in the following locations for Windows and Mac:

~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-8-0/logs



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