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Re: Waiting for confimation of upload forever

I have the same problem since around 2 weeks ago. Not sure what’s causing the problem and it seems only bother projects with too many pages to me. Please share your experience if you have the same problem.

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Hi foleyhk,

It sounds like you recently started seeing publishing to Axure Share slowing down, and only for specific projects with many pages. To confirm, how large are those files, are and has your network connection changed at all recently?

There are several factors that may contribute to slower publishing and slower loading of pages in the browser from files that are slow to publish:

  1. Large file size–this will take longer to upload to the server.

  2. Slowed down connection speed will increase the amount of time spent uploading and loading pages.

  3. Large unoptimized images in files will impact file performance.

  4. Large tables, dynamic panels, and repeaters can impact how long a page takes to load. Additionally, the number of widgets on the page (e.g. over 500) also has a direct impact on project performance.

  5. Issues with web fonts can also contribute to publish and loading issues. For example, if in the last two weeks you added a new web font to “Publish > Generate HTML > Web Fonts” in your file and the resource that you linked to is experiencing technical difficulties (e.g. server is down) or is a large resource, then you may notice slowness. As an example, try publishing a brand new blank file, and then try publishing it again after adding a Google Font URL with all font styles checked to see the difference in upload times.

  6. Changes to network settings may also interfere, especially if you’re seeing now and then that the upload fails.

This should help as a start! If you’re seeing that one particular file is having issues with uploading, then please post the file here so that we can look. If the file must be kept private then please send it to so that we can investigate. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply, Alyssa! I tried to upload the file again with my mobile WIFI and it works fine. I believed you’re right about it is due to the slow WIFI connection in my office. Thanks for your information.)

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