Axure thinks pages are checked out. They aint. What to do?


I recently came back to a team project I was working on before the holidays. When I opened it, it indicated that all pages, masters etc. were already checked out. They are not. I’ve given up trying to figure out why this happened, but now I’m looking for a solution so I can get back to normal. I tried every troubleshooting method shown on the Axure site (deleting local projects, restoring from backups, re-doodling the thingy). Given all that, here’s what I’m looking for help with:

  • I can get to the point where I have chosen to edit all pages w/o checkout. I see a whole bunch of little orange icons with exclamation marks.
  • I know I can make a change to a page, then choose to check it in by “stealing” the checkin from the mysterious, non-existent person that has the page checked out. This works on an individual page level and gets me back to where I want to be.
  • I have about a million pages that I need to do this with. Any ideas how I can affect some kind of change on all pages at once, so that I can checkin with a steal and get back to normal?



Hi jmann,

Hmm, it sounds like all of the pages in your local copy are shown as being checked out. Is the team project hosted on Axure Share? Which version and build of Axure RP are you currently using?

To clarify, (before you edited the pages w/o checkout) was it showing that the pages were checked out by you, or by someone else? Which icons were you seeing next to the pages?

If the pages are showing as being checked out by someone else, can you go to “Team > Manage Team Project” to check who has the pages checked out? If it reports that you have them checked out but they’re not checked out to the local copy that you have open, then by any chance do you have another local copy on this machine or another machine that might have everything checked out?

To help get all of the pages back into their proper checked-in state, you can try using a master to steal all of the checkouts at once. Here’s how you could do it:

  1. Go to “Team > Check Out Everything” and opt to “Edit All w/o Checkout” to get everything checked out to your local copy.

  2. In the Master’s pane, create a new master and give it a dummy widget (like a box).

  3. Next, place the new master on all of the pages in your file by right-clicking it, choosing “Add to Pages”, and clicking the icon to select all pages. Click OK to add the master to all pages.

  4. Once the master is added, go to “Team > Check In Everything”, and opt to “Steal all checkouts” when prompted. This should check everything in and return the checkout status to normal.

  5. To clean up the dummy master, check out everything again, and in the master’s pane right-click the dummy master, choose “Remove from Pages”, select all of the pages, and then click “OK”. You can then check everything back in and should have the fixed checkin status without the dummy master for all pages.

Hopefully that does the trick!

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