Axure9 team edition always stuck when get all changes from team

When i am edit one team subject and open get a team file.Then i get all changes from team.It will always stuck like belowing image.Getting changes and never done.

You should send an email with full description to

There are many possible reasons this could be happening, and I don’t think other Axure users here on this forum can really effectively help troubleshoot it for you. In my experience, Axure support is very good at this and is responsive.

In general, I’d guess this problem is due to either your network access and/or authorization, or your .rpprj Team Project file is corrupted–either your local copy or the master file on the server. Is this the only bug you see? Can you check in and check out pages? If you can, then you have access and authorization, and I’d assume something is corrupted with your project file, either locally or on the server. Another good test is if other teammates can get changes–that can help rule out the server and/or master team project file. But again, better to get the experts at Axure Support involved.

Make sure you have network access and authorization to the server hosting your Axure team projects (e.g., is it the public Axure Cloud? Is it a private server with Axure Cloud for Business? etc…) You can check this by loading your version of Axure Cloud in your web browser and navigating to your team project file. If you can’t access it in the browser, then it won’t work in Axure RP, but if you can access in browser it should work in Axure RP. Also, close and restart Axure RP and your web browser; if that doesn’t fix it, reboot your computer and try again.

To test if your Team Project file is possibly corrupted, you could create a new Team Project, change something, check in page check out that page, try Get All Changes, etc. If all that works, then it is most likely a corrupt Team Project file–and Axure Support can help fix that as well.