AxureRP 8.1.0- Google chrome issue

i am using axure RP 8.1.0 and i am facing an issue with generated output on Google Chrome only,
we have pages with a blue background, but on some of the pages which have scroll as soon i begin to scroll there is a white background that automatically starts to appears from the top of the page, i am not facing this issue in firefox or IE. Has anyone faced similar issue? is so whats the solution?

Hmm, it sounds like your page with the blue background is flickering white when you scroll it in Chrome. To confirm, it sounds like this only happens with the generated HTML from your file when it is viewed in Chrome, and doesn’t happen with preview or when the file is viewed on Axure Share–is that accurate? Are you able to reproduce the issue in a new file? If not, would it be possible for us to take a look at the affected file to further investigate? If you’d rather not post the file on the forums, feel free to email it to us directly at so that we can take a closer look.

Also to confirm, it sounds like you’re on a Windows machine, is that right? What build of Axure RP 8.1 are you currently using?

Hi Alyssa,

I am facing this problem when i preview, generate an HTML file as well as whe i view in axure share.
I am working on window 10 OS and chrome version Version 66.0.3359.139, Axure RP 8.1.0

Hi Anuyacs,

Hmm. Do you happen to have any extensions installed in Chrome that aren’t present in your other browsers, and if so does temporarily disabling them seem to help the issue? If not, then are any interactions firing in the prototype when you scroll in the browser? You can check for these in the prototype’s sidebar if you click on the “Console” tab.

Additionally, are there any errors showing in the developer tools when you see the flickering in your prototype? You can check for these by right-clicking the page, clicking “Inspect”, and then clicking the “Console” tab in the developer tools window (not the prototype’s sidebar) when it opens. Errors should be in red.

Also if you’re noticing this happen only in one file, would you mind sending over the affected file so that we can take a look?