Axure's Sketch plugin bolding all text

When I use the Sketch plugin to copy into Axure, everything gets bolded.

I literally have to go into every field and select Regular weight.

We use a proprietary font created for our company.

Hi VincentL,

Thank you for posting about this! Can you please check that your Axure RP application and your Axure Sketch plugin are up to date? You can check Axure RP for updates by selecting Help > Check for Updates, and you can check for plugin updates by opening Sketch and selecting Plugins > Manage Plugins. If any updates are available for Axure RP or the Sketch plugin, please update to the latest versions and then try importing your Sketch artboards into Axure RP once again. Please let me know if this corrects the problem.

If this doesn’t help, please email us at and attach your Sketch file for further review.

For a quick fix, it may also help to use the Font Mapping feature to map the Bold version of your font to the Regular version of the same font. Here is a link to directions on how to map fonts in Axure RP:


Axure Customer Support