Bad or good idea to create a job application with Axure Prototype?

Hey guys,

I’m thinking of creating an job application with Axure.
I’m applying for a role as graphic designer and in this industry your application has to stand out.

It’s pretty common to create a job application with a multi-page presentation PDF in this industry.
Next to the resume and the introduction text, its common to implement work examples.

In comparison to a multi-page PDF, Axure would allow me to add some actions to show/hide contents the reader is interested in, instead of displaying too much.

What are the biggest CONs?

Hey gegemind!

It all depends what you are trying to showcase and eventually what you want to be doing.
If prototyping is your thing it definitely could stand out. On the other end it could also backfire if most companies you are applying at are confused or do not know what to do. How are you thinking of sharing it? Test, test, test. Your best bet is probably to include a link on your resume and have it accessible there.
Also, I hate to say it but most companies would be more impressed if you were able to prototype using html and css with some kind of a framework such as bootstrap.
It brings us back to my first point. What is it you like best? Designing layouts? Designing interactivity? Or putting it together? Figure that first and decide what makes sense for you.

These are my two cents. Do whatever you want with them and good luck in your job search!

I would not recommend Axure to this type of job. There are many better solutions like for example Sketch / InVision combination…Again Axure is not suitable for this in my opinion…But you can try anyway even you was warned :grinning:

I can’t tell you if it’s a bad or good idea for you, but I wouldn’t build a site that I’m going to maintain in Axure. Prototypes? Yes. Website? No.

I’ve used Axure to showcase findings from consultation like projects. Essentially it was a report in a website format - reason being is we wanted a quick way to present findings it a dynamic innovative way. We also had some small applet type features where users could view data we collected from the project.

We found that it worked quite well as stakeholders and team members were impressed with the turnaround time to develop and deliver their consultation findings in this format.

I’ve continued to use Axure for similar reports with quite a bit a success. At the end of the day if you are looking for speed and quick turnaround at a high level sure why not, if you are looking to build something that needs to be maintained and built upon maybe not the best choice.