Batch Photo Rename?

Hi, I want to ask if there is a function in Axure that allows renaming multiple photos/ items at once?

My photos get renamed as "u(number here)"when they get generated into the HTML folders.
But I want to rename them without breaking the links… it looks like I can rename them in Axure but renaming all the photos one by one is very inefficient. Is there any other way to do this?


Hmm, it doesn’t look like there’s a good way to rename several image widgets in the editor at once. The most efficient way off the top of my head would be to go to the Outline pane, search “Image” to filter out everything that is not an image, and then rename those widgets via the Outline pane instead of scrolling through the canvas to locate and select them one by one.

Hopefully that helps a bit!

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With Axure, there is no relationship of the original source image filename to the image filename used in the HTML. If you want to rename the images in the HTML /images/ folder, you’d have to do it file by file with visual confirmation for which is which, and do that folder by folder for each page in your prototype, keeping track of all the image filenames before and after. Then, you’d need to edit the pages’ HTML to replace the original filenames in the tags with your updated filenames.

If you name the image widgets with your desired filename, the images in the published HTML will still have “_u” appended. With a decent script or filenaming app you could batch replace all the “_u/d" in your output folders as well as the 'src="_u/d” strings in all the HTML files. You’ll likely have to do several passes to get rid of all the filenames with 3 digits (e.g., “myimage_u123.png”) then 2, then 1 (e.g., “myimage_u9.png” Still a bit of work.

If you are doing this to supply visual assets to developers, you’re probably better off copying the /images folder from your output HTML then just removing all the _u with a batch script (Adobe Bridge has a feature to do this with little to no programming) and just include this new folder along with your HTML folders. In my experience though, most developers have no problem doing this stripping themselves as long as it is consistent and they can do it programmatically. The issue is getting the “good filename” part in there, which is a manual process in the Axure editor.

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