Beginner Help: Dynamic Panel, hiding initially



Using Axure in thr first time for more than 10 years so all different now!

On a mobile design I have a menu button which should load the menu sliding in from the left, and swipeleft should close it,
I have all the bits I need but cannot work out:
a) how to initially not show the menu
b) I think I can set the animation from the menu button (but right now not clear because it is always visible). Having clicked menu to load the menu panel do I need anything else for the menu button - it doesn’t have to change in any way?
c) I read that doubleclick should offer some editing for the dynamicpanel properties - where I think visibility might exist but double click does nothing (maybe a version thing)

Thank you


Have spent a hour looking and finally asking for help I suddenly found it!!! So all well I just couldn’t;t find OnLoad… in case anyone else arrives here it’s all under the Interactions tab.

Thank you anyway, I am sure I will ask more dumb questions in teh next few months!

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