Best upgrades for performance


I’m curious from a hardware perspective what the best upgrades for Axure are, or to put it another way, which hardware does axure rely on the most?
I have a 3rd gen core i5, SSS and 16gb of DDR3 RAM, but I still get horrible performance issues when switching between panels, opening masters and even panning around the canvas. Some of my screens are complex, but I would still think I should be ok, especially as axure is using less than 2gb of RAM and I have plenty free.


Hi jpumpr,

What you have is fine, i.e. as long your machine meets the system requirements of running Axure RP, you should be good. If you’re experiencing performance issues with Axure RP, this is most likely from the amount of widgets/interactions you have on a page/s in your file. While this isn’t a hard rule, we generally recommend keeping the widget count on a single page to no more than 500 widgets, 40 dynamic panels (and 100 panel states), and 1-2 repeaters. And while you can surpass this amount, you may run into some performance hits, both in the Axure RP tool and in the browser.

To speed up the performance, it may help to split up your heavy-content pages into several, smaller pages, and then dynamically link them together where it makes sense for your project. If you have any large images, try optimizing them via right-click > “Optimize Image”. If you have any unnecessary dynamic panels (no special need for the widgets to be encompassed in a DP container), it’ll help to break away the DP and group them instead. If you’re working with adaptive views, make sure there aren’t any unplaced widgets in all of your views, as this means they are not being used in any view, and thus, is safe to delete them. If you’d like some more targeted assistance in speedying up your file, you can email that over to, and we’ll see what we can do.

Last, Axure RP is still 32-bit on Windows so it wouldn’t be able to use all of your 16GB of RAM.

Hey @Jane_Axure Thanks for the reply. Any idea if it’ll become 64-bit any time soon? Surely that would give a huge performance boost?

Hi jpumpr,

While I’m unable to give a timeline of whether Axure RP will be 64-bit on Windows, I’ll let our respective teams know that you’re interested in this!

I’m generally just interested in improved performance, however that may be :slight_smile:
My workflow is I create a prototype on one page, but then I break out every state of that screen onto a new page, so I can document my screens (copy and paste into illustrator, which is VERY handy).
I don’t know if performance is worse than RP 8, but it’s definitely not better which I’d expect from a new iteration.