Better granularity for Axure Cloud notifications



It’s great that there’s some control over the email notifications from Axure Cloud. But it would be even better to be able to control what kind of activity you get notified of. I’m the only person working on a project, and I don’t need to be notified of all the times I myself updated the project (which happens often), but I do very much need to be notified when clients leave comments (which happens more rarely). A checkbox list of what type of activity – comments, replies, mentions, updated projects – to include in the “all/some” email notification would be really helpful!



Hi Sara,

Thanks for providing this feedback and including your use case for this as well! At the moment there are a few types of email notifications offered, “All”, “Some”, or “None”. However, having more options and being able to customize your Axure Cloud notifications further sounds like a great idea.

I have gone ahead and submitted a feature request on your behalf for our product team to review the implementation of this in the future.

We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback and if there’s anything else we can do to assist please don’t hesitate to reach out at


Thank you, Benjam! Hope the product team agrees it’s a good idea.