Better run Axure on Macbook Air or Macbook Pro?

Hi all,

since Axure is a little slow on my current Macbook Air (2011/1,7 GHz i5) I am planning to buy a new apple. I am just not sure whether the new Macbook is sufficient. Will running Axure on a Macbook Pro make a difference? What are your recommendations?


Hi Franz,

Around here at Axure HQ, we use MacBook Pros for our work. We treat them like development machines and use them for every aspect of our workflow, from development through support. One of the major things we demand from our computers is the ability to run a Windows VM, which is especially crucial for the support team so that we can duplicate all sorts of user environments. We’ve found that the MacBook Air can’t quite keep up with that side of our work.

That being said, none of us has had an unsatisfying experience using Axure RP on a MacBook Air and moving from a 2011 model to a 2015 model will bring a significant performance boost to your workflow. We’d expect to see totally solid performance on the newer machines.


Thanks for your answer, Jonathan. That was helpful!

the newest macbook air 2018 is enough to run axure?

Hi fanny,

As long as the new Macbook Air meets the system requirements, there shouldn’t be any trouble running Axure RP on it. :slight_smile: