Blue Dotted Line around Panel -- How do i control them?

I have a dynamic panel with two state. The second state is the first state expanded. This was working fine, then, it wasn’t. The expanded state only displays within the blue dotted line that appears in the opened state.

How can I control this and how come it shows up.


The dotted blue link shows you the current size of the panel you’re working in when you’re editing one of the states. It only shows in Axure and won’t show up in your prototype.

Note that if you have a panel set to “Fit to Content” it also won’t show up as the size of the panel will be determined by the content of the currently visible state. Often times, if your states have varying sizes of content, “Fit to Content” might be what you want. Right click the panel itself and you’ll see this option. Otherwise, you’ll have to make the panel as large as the largest state, otherwise stuff will get cut off.

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As nkrisc mentioned, the dotted blue line shows you the size of the current dynamic panel you are working on.

In more detail of how to control -
Say, you create a “Dynamic panel 1” of size 100px by 100px.
In this panel, you create “state 1” and open it in a new tab. Now the blue dotted line of 100px by 100px shows up in this tab. Only what is displayed within this will be displayed in the prototype.
To control, go back to the Dynamic panel tab and modify its size.