Bounderis in List of numbers

Hello, I’m trying to put limits in a scrollbar whit numbers.
The boundaries should be between 1 and 100
I would be very grateful if you could help me

Hi eden1992!

Hmm, for the scrolling numbers, are you interested in having the “Port” field scroll through options between 1 and 100 when it is clicked on, or are you interested in having a user type or input a number into the “Port” field? Let me know what your thoughts are! :slight_smile:


Hey, thank you for answering. If there is a possibility to enter both options it will help me greatly, if not … I would like the user to scroll from options 1 to 100 on clicked.

For the typing in, you can have an OnKeyDown action that checks if the value in the input field is greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 100, and if it isn’t, do something like show a message somewhere if you want.

If you want it to also to be a drop-down/pick list from 0-100, then the main problem is when to show it, since you’ll need a way of establishing whether the user wants to type in a value (which might be up to 3 keys down) or not. But you can have a repeater containing the values, and show that repeater on the key down. The repeater would have an OnClick to put the value of the repeater’s widget into the input field, and hide the repeater.

Hi, Thanks for the responsiveness, I would be happy if you could explain the second option and how to do it exactly because I do not understand what is that repater countaining value , what it does and how I use it in my projec.
thenke you

(Sorry, was hacking this too fast… here’s a better example file)

dropdown.rp (50.8 KB)

BTW note that I’m faking the increment/decrement UI on the input field, because using a real number input field means you can’t control the input in the way you need to do the number boundary.

As you can see, it’s tricky to make the menu appear at the “right” time if you are allowing both plain text input and the menu. But there’s probably a better way of doing it that I’m doing here.

BTW repeaters are, in my opinion, among the most powerful features of Axure. Definitely worth knowing about.