Branded Login Screen

I just noticed that our branded login screen isn’t available any longer. If I access, it shows the correct rp file. Also this branding site wasn’t easy to find for some reason.

Are there updates happening that I’m just not aware of?


There was an update to the server earlier that caused issues with the branded password pages not working correctly, but that change has been reverted and the pages should now work as before. With regards to the branding page not being easy to find, this is because we deprecated the branding and custom domains features back in 2017 as a move to make Axure Share more secure and HTTPS-only. Users who had content in those tabs could still see them, but otherwise they were removed from accounts.

If you’re still seeing issues with your specific branded password page not working, please send an email over to so that we can assist you one on one. Thanks!

Is the custom password page supposed to be available?

We noticed this morning that all the password protected links stopped working as mentionned in this issue.

It seems like our Custom Password Page has now been deleted from our account.


Custom password pages should still be available for users who had them set up already, though we’re currently working on resolving another discovered issue that appears to be causing the password pages to show the defaults instead of the custom ones you’ve uploaded. We’ll post an update when there’s more information. Thanks!

Update: The custom password pages should now be showing again, and allow normal login and display of prototypes.

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