[BUG] Box size differences between local preview & published prototype

Since upgrading to Axure 9, I have seen differences in the way fonts and autosized boxes are displaying in the local preview compared to the published version.

The screenshot shows 4 boxes, each with a different font. They are autosized boxes with padding. There are no web font or font mapping settings.

The ‘Inter UI’ and ‘Montserrat’ boxes seem to respect the padding settings, but overflow the width of the box. ‘Arial’ & ‘Roboto’ also have slight width differences between local & published.

Axure 9 (local preview & published prototype):

For comparison, Axure 8 does not have this issue:

Axshare link

MacOS Catalina / Chrome

Original file attachedfont test A9.rp (47.5 KB)

I would like to say that I have noticed this as well, Windows 10 Home version 1903