Bug: Copy and paste problem on macbook

I’m using Axure 8.0 (Team Edition in my macbook now (macOS 10.13.4), but there is a big problem: when | paste any widgets from one page to another, they will automatically become an image. It is really inconvenient for me to use axure with this bug. Please fhx it as quick as possible, thanks

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Try this: Copy your widget, but instead of just pasting, Ctrl-Click (right click with Windows mouse) and select Paste Special > Paste including Locked Widgets. This will preserve your widgets and their properties, code, etc.

The keyboard shortcut for this on Mac is Control+Apple+V. On Windows it is Control+Alt+V.

Also, the best way to report a bug is to use Help > Submit Feedback or Bug --and you can do this in addition to asking here on the forums.

Let us know if this addresses your problem.

Thank you for your kind reply. But it did not work.

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This is also happening to me. I do not recall updating Axure. On Friday all was working fine and now this is happening.

I found that this bug-behaviour is not 100% consistent and replicable. Almost always happens when copying between pages but sometimes also happens when copying inside same page. It seems like it is a clipboard bug…

Hello all!

ddzero wrote in to our help desk to troubleshoot the issue where copying and pasting widgets within a single file pasted them as images, and we believe we’ve found the culprit that was impacting a few other users as well. It looks like users who are experiencing this pasting issue are all on OS X 10.13 and have Forcepoint Endpoint installed, which has the ability to monitor the cut, copy, and paste functionality of apps. It looks like uninstalling that tool stops the pasting issue from happening in Axure RP, but it also looks like you should be able to set the tool to not monitor Axure RP or it’s clipboard functionality.

If you happen to be running into this issue and have this tool installed, then give one of those options a try to see if that does the trick for you. In the meantime we have this filed on our end so that we can take a closer look at why copying and pasting is resulting in images after the update to OS X 10.13.

As always, feel free to email support@axure.com for assistance! :slight_smile:

And for those of us who are forced by workplace to use Forecpoint Endpoint - our solution is what? Because I cannot use Axure to complete my work.


As of yesterday the only workarounds we’d found so far were to uninstall or try tweaking the settings on Forcepoint Endpoint, but we just had another user report that after updating Forcepoint Endpoint to 8.5.2851 they were able to copy and paste normally on macOS 10.13. If your instance of Forcepoint Endpoint isn’t fully up to date, then please give that a shot to see if it does the trick!

Im running 8.5.2812 and its pasting my copies as images. Having a very bad day in this new job :frowning:

Hi oozability!

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue. We’ve seen users have some luck with either updating or rolling back their versions of Forcepoint Endpoint when this issue is occurring. For some users, updating to version 8.5.2851 resolved the issue, and for others, rolling back to version 8.4.2729 resolved this issue. Otherwise, you could try modifying the application-specific monitoring for Axure RP or uninstalling the Forcepoint Endpoint application.

I hope this helps!

Rolling back Forcepoint Endpoint to 8.3.2606 seemed to be the only way to solve the problem.

I’m still having this problem with Axure on my Mac Pro. Any solution on this bug? I’m waisting hours of my time working around this copy and paste issue.

I seemed to have found a work around to this issue - in case anyone else is having the same problem. Copying and pasting seems to work consistently if I save the local file of the Axure team file prior to copying and pasting the element.