[Bug] File / Date / Month / Time input field doesn't trigger "Text Changed" action in RP9



Date Input Bug.rp (43.6 KB)

I have a very simple case here: get the date from the edit field, then show the value in the block below

But I found the Text Changed action won’t be triggered if the edit field type == “Date” or “File” or “Month” or “Time”. And if explicitly get the text from the widget, the value is simply “NaN”

Don’t think it’s by design, so wanna know if it is a bug, thanks

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Hi! The date field is incredibly buggy in Axure. I’m not sure how it passed QA.

  • You don’t get the text-changed message when selecting from the dropdown
  • You can’t directly edit the date!!! (In Chrome, at least.) You can only use the dropdown.
  • You can’t query the value of the field using a local variable: it returns null no matter what.

I would report this to support@axure.com, as they prefer that avenue for reporting bugs.