[Bug] Fit to text width not working properly on axshare


I’m having an issue with the “Fit to text width” option in Axure 9.

I have a widget library that I’ve been using since Axure 7. I’ve gone through it with each major release and updated it for the new version. There are various button styles defined that are all set to fit to text, so a designer can drop it into the prototype, change the text, and be on their way.

Within the Axure 9 app, they look fine.

In local browser preview, they look fine.

In axshare, the width is incorrect and it causes the text to run out of bounds of the button widget.

If I go back into Axure and manually change the size of the button to 1 pixel larger than fit to text, then change it back to the same size that fit to text made it, it is then sized properly in axshare.

This is fine as a workaround, but it’s really inconvenient when working with a widget library. Any ideas?

As of July 1, 2020, this issue still affects Axure RP9.

Is this going to be fixed? I can’t use a design application that does not render items exactly as it is shown in the designer.

My developers rely on my prototypes and mockups being accurate.

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How is it going? T.T Please FIX IT!!!

2 years later on Axure RP10. Same problem. Is there any fix ?
Only workaround I’ve found is to NOT “Fit to Text Width”