[BUG] How to prevent elastic scrolling in mobile prototypes?

I found a bug in Axure 9 latest:
Steps to reproduce:

  1. create a page and set dimensions to the mobile phone you like (i choose “iPhone 8”)
  2. create a rectangle in the centre
  3. publish your prototype to the cloud
  4. open prototype on the iPhone through the Axure app
  5. swipe vertically.

Expected behaviour
Nothing should happen

Actual behaviour
Canvas scrolls elastically.

This behaviour prevents any kind of prototypes that include fixed headers or footers and should be fixed ASAP.

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Hi artfabrique,

I was able to reproduce the issue on our end and confirm that it only affects iOS (both the mobile browser and the mobile Share app). I’ve filed this on our end with QA for further investigation. At the moment unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a way to force iOS devices to stop elastic scrolling, but we’ll post an update if there’s news. In the meantime please keep an eye on the release history page for release notes. Thank you!

For iOS prototypes, stick with Axure 8 for now.

What is ETA for the bugfix? This bug makes mobile prototyping unavailable for us (it is a blocker) but we pay for the subscription. Also, I think it’s reasonable to ask you to compensate (in the form of subscription time) all the time that your product will be unavailable because its not reverse compatible with Axure 8. We already converted our sources to the new version and performed some work.

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Hi! At this time there’s not currently an ETA on a fix for this, but our teams are aware of the issue. After discussion, one workaround that was presented that should help to block elastic scrolling would be to encompass your mobile content into a dynamic panel so that the whole “page” is one div; this should help to keep the content in place on the page.

We’ve tried it but drag events do not work as expected because while all content is fixed if you start to drag any draggable element (by adding OnDrag, move with drag etc ) the whole screen starts to overscroll with elasticity even when the dragged object is not hitting the screen bounds.
Also you’ve forgot to mention that we have to set “scroll as needed” in the dynamic panel properties.

Interesting! You’re right–the dynamic panel workaround seems to work up until widgets inside of it have OnDrag interactions. I see the odd simultaneous drag+elastic scroll happening physical iOS devices, though it doesn’t seem to occur in iOS simulator. Anyhow, I’ve gone ahead and notified our teams about the snag with the workaround and noted the additional details in the bug report for elastic scroll not being blockable on iOS.

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