[bug] MAC, English only shortcut keys activating

There’s a bug in the keyboard that doesn’t work while you’re typing in another language, so you’ll need to change your input language to English before you can use it. I find it cumbersome to work with these issues. Somebody help me!!!


To confirm, are you finding that you’re entirely unable to type any text into widgets when your language is not set to English, even if you double-click the widget to enter text edit mode? If so, would you mind letting us know more about your system language settings and what steps you take to commence typing into the widgets?

If you’re instead seeing that you’re unable to type directly into a widget by single-clicking and typing, then it sounds like you’re running into the new single key shortcut feature in Axure RP 9. If you have single key shortcuts enabled, then in order to type into a widget you must either press [Enter] after selecting it, or double-click to enter text edit mode. If you prefer to edit text as you did in Axure RP 8 (i.e. by single-clicking and typing) then you can turn off single key shortcuts via the Preferences dialog. Hopefully that helps, but let us know if you’re running into a different issue. If the matter is urgent please email support@axure.com to reach us directly. Thanks!

Thank Alyssa.
That’s exactly what I need.

Akkk…My mistake.

The bug I mentioned doesn’t seem to be related to an error in the language’s configuration.
Briefly describe this bug.

Mac O.S, Using English > All Object target in Outline. Copy and paste, Completed
Other language picked(Korean) > Copy and paste, No response.

Aha, thank you! I’m able to reproduce the issue with copying and pasting via keyboard shortcuts as well when switching the input language to Korean. This seems to only affect the Outline pane; when using keyboard shortcuts with Korean input to copy and paste everything on the canvas it still seems to work, so hopefully that helps as a workaround for now. I’ll go ahead and file this for investigation on our end. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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