[Bug] Move interaction works funny

I have an interaction on radio button: when it’s selected, some text fields appear underneath it and all the content below moves down. I had to do it using Move interaction and Cases (because when I simply select “move below contents” at the Show interaction, it doesn’t work properly).

When the radio button is selected manually, it works well. But when it is selected with the help of other interaction, it moves the below contents too much.

Is there any way to solve this? Thank you!

example.rp (297.4 KB)

Would somebody please help me with this? I really need to understand, why other interactions are triggered when I set auto-selection on the Print and eBook radio buttons. I want to show it to the client to convince him use axure for prototyping, but it doesn’t look really good when the buttons fly away T___T
Thank you!

I did a quick test over this and it looks to be a RP9 bug in my point of view

  • i add another action over “onselected / onchecked” event, to print the widget.y, and it appears that the onchecked event is visited twice if it’s triggered from another action
  • i replicate the same scenario in RP8, and it works correctly (print widget.x), and onchecked event is only fired one time


as a workaround, i would suggest you use “move to” instead of “move by”

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Hi! I took a look and agree with steven.wang that this is a bug. It looks like we have this on file on our end where in Axure RP 9, setting a checkbox or radio button to its selected state using the Set Selected action seems to fire OnSelected twice. I’ve gone ahead and added this thread to the existing report.

steven.wang’s proposed workaround should do the trick. That is, OnSelected of the Print radio button if you change the “Move by (0, 158)” action to be “Move to (309, 797)” (which is the position that “buttons” would be in after you moved it down by 158 pixels) then even if the OnSelected event gets triggered twice it shouldn’t move the buttons down further than specified.

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Thank you for your help! It really looks like a suitable workaround. Will do it!

Thank you, I am to implement this solution!

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