Bug (nope): Radio Groups in Repeaters in Component

I think I’ve found a bug in the latest RP 10 release (upgraded this morning).

I have a repeater that contains a set of three grouped radio buttons in each row. I have set Isolate Radio Groups/Selection Groups for the repeater. If I do this with the repeater on a page, it works fine. Each row is isolated and does the Right Thing™.

As soon as I convert this repeater to a component, the isolate flags are no longer respected. Clicking any radio button in any row removes selections from any other radio button in the repeater.

I’ve attached a demo of the issue. I:

  • Created the initial repeater.
  • Set up the radio button set.
  • Copied/pasted the repeater.
  • Used “Create Component” to turn the copied repeater into a component.

RadioRepeaterComponent.rp (80.5 KB)

You should UNcheck Isolate Radio Group in component
If it is for a component, it will not take effect if you check it. I think because it’s the component properties that are loaded last.


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Aha. That’s it. I did not even know those options existed.
Thank you for the pointer!

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