[BUG] Objects missing when printing

I have a problem when printing my file.
I have a page layout with hundreds of objects and a few (always the same few) text and shape-objects are missing in the print.
I reproduced this by copying the objects to a new RP-file: they show up in the browser, they show up in the Print-Preview, but they do not show up in the print (neither on paper or in a PDF).
Why? :slight_smile:
Attached is the rp-file.

Btw. it does not matter which kind of printer, physical or a PDF-printer I use, Its always the same problem.

PDFexportTest.rp (44.9 KB)

Really, 3 days, nobody? I was under the impression this a forum with support staff attendance. Is that not the case?

I would just email them at support@axure.com since this sounds like an issue that will require further troubleshooting anyway.

In my experience theyโ€™re very responsive by email.